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If you are looking for t-shirt manufacturing company and wholesaler, this is the right place for you
We are  one of the best brand name t-shirt manufacturers in Istanbul – Turkey.

ORGANIC LIFE is our t shirt brand name as a trade mark.
We could also manufacture quality t shirts with your labels on it and with your designs.
We manufacture 100% cotton t shirts or according to your needs we use materials.

For new models and wholesale prices, CONTACT US now.

If you want we could manufacture your own designs and put your own labels on products

 If you want we could manufacture your own designs and put your own labels on products. - T-shirt Manufacturer

T-shirt Manufacturer

T-shirt Manufacturer

We produce;
  • Polo T-shirt
  • Round Neck and V-neck T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Promotional T-shirts



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Novelty t-shirt  for men and women in Istanul - Turkey

Textile and leather exporters from Turkey represent largest group of traders at Motexha 2006
Turkey, the 10th largest textile exporting country in the world will be strongly featured at Motexha 2006, the Middle East region's largest trade show for fashion, textiles, leather and accessories, which is set to take place between 3rd-6th April 2006 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

More than 30 exporters from the country representing over 35 exclusive brands in Textiles, Leather and Apparels will take part at Motexha, it was announced.

Turkey is one of the most important textile producing countries in the world, with more than 40000 companies being active in the textile and apparel sector. Close to a quarter of the top 500 industrial enterprises in the country operate in the textile and apparel sector and the industry is a key player in Turkey's industrialisation process. Leather industry in Turkey represents 2.2 per cent of the country's total industrial production, with more than 2200 companies working in the sector.

Turkish textile sector has given renewed importance and investment into research and development activities. As a measure of product differentiation, the industry has focused heavily on investing in medical, technical, and organic textiles. In addition, private label Turkish textile tshirt manufacturers have been seeking sectoral partnerships into international markets, while making huge investments in technology to increase productivity and lowering costs. In 2005, Turkey's leather shoe wear to handbags and accessories exports totalled approximately US$ 150 million and apparel exports US$ 7.5 billion. In the same period, Turkish leather shoe wear to handbags and accessories exports to the Middle East exceeded US$ 40 million.

'The Middle East has a growing share within the total exports of Turkish leather shoes, textiles and apparel exports. We expect this to increase by four to five-fold within the next five years,' says Selda Sehirlioglu of Turkey Aegean Exporters Association.

Turkish Textile and Clothing Industry
Turkey is the world's seventh largest cotton producer and
the sixth largest textile/apparel exporter. Turkey's largest
export sector is textiles, which accounts for 37 percent of the
total exports. Turkey is in the top ten synthetic fiber
producers. With the new investments of USD 1 billion by the
existing eight largest manufacturers totaling, their production
capacities will increase from 655 tons to 2,000 tons per day.
These investments aim at decreasing imports and increasing
Turkey's share in the world markets. Turkey's world market
share of spinning and fabric production are as follows: ring
spinning - 2.4 percent, open-end spinning - 2.0 percent, shuttle
looms - 2.5 percent, and shuttleless looms - 1.4 percent. With
initial investments in the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP)
the country's cotton production increased to from 700,000 tons
to 1 million tons per year.
Turkey's January 1, 1996 joining of the European Customs
Union brought with it the implementation of EU regulations,
including the recision of quotas on Turkish apparel exports to
member countries. These developments were expected to result in
an increase in textile exports, an enhancement of the investment
climate, improvements in quality, and increases in employment.

Where is Turkish textile heading?
Sniffing out the air in the ‘70s and ‘80s and meeting demands beyond expectations, the private label Turkish textile sector gets the picture equally well in the 2000s and works towards establishing a new vision. This is a vision of the Turkish textile sector that sets trends, creates its own brands, refines its products with more value added and moves towards a production and marketing-centered structure.
An account of the current state of the Turkish textile sector in light of global realities demonstrates that it is at a crossroads. Now, we neither have the intention nor the opportunity to be a country producing in volume.

As one of the key suppliers of the world, Turkey is determined to reap the fruits of the steps it has taken since the starting years for quality and producing fashion as value added. Even if the sector does not seek to develop such a value chain, China has declared out-and-out that with the inconceivable state support it gets, it will trample all equations based on high volume and a low price strategy. The sector has reached one of the biggest capacities in the world in terms of production volume, technology, human resources and market diversity. However, despite all risks and the opportunities concealed under these risks, it has not been able to upgrade its capacity to produce corresponding value added. Although the number of years when the Turkish textile sector sought fashion and distinction as a whole are only a handful, the sector actually has a consequential history.

Right place at the right time

Although we are intolerably behind global agricultural policies for cotton-the oil of textile-, we feel the lack of such a strategic product; although those who have imported machinery, let alone having feasibility reports, without even declaring the location of factories have sold their products easily; although capital, operating in sectors like automotive and tourism in the middle of the ‘80s, shifted to the textile sector, it can be said that in this process, Turkey (or Turkish entrepreneurs) saw the way the wind blows, exploited a gap in the market and entered at the right time and with sufficient power. An overview of figures of past years, an evaluation of export statistics by country groups and comparatively the statistics of the Western European textile industry are enough to explain what is going on.

Europe, which had lost its competitive advantage by the end of the ‘70s, needed a new "hero" that produced relatively cheaply, with quality and in high volume. That hero became Turkey. The word "hero" here should not be taken as a figurative expression. As we’ve mentioned, in that time, the textile sector invested heroically without having access to even a fraction of the unimaginable subsidies used by China, today. It used loans daringly. It bought the best machinery, delivered the fastest and provided the best service. These observations, to be accepted as the assessment of the figures depicted on tables in another style, mattered so much for Turkey that 40 % of employees began to serve in the textile sector (and the ready-to-wear sector that developed in connection). Gradually, 30 % of Turkey’s total exports came to be done by these two sectors.

Ready-to-wear grew, textile grew… Textile grew, ready-to-wear grew…

We don’t know whether anyone asked in those times about how this growth would end up. Because, history has not recorded it. What we gather from the history of textile is: some were in need of us and we happened to be just there at that moment.

Right at this point comes up the real achievement of the Turkish textile sector if one reads between the lines. The sector passed through the door and proved itself all the way. In spite of its inactivity in marketing and production-centered position, Turkey offered services in excess of demand with the quality it produced, its fast delivery and its capacity to add something from itself to the product. The return of the investments (which you would notice if you compared export figures by years with machinery imports) gave textile producers unquenchable hunger for investment. The newest technologies were bought; the most modern facilities were built. The highest quality supply was provided for even the smallest of demands. If the world stayed at that point forever, nobody would or even could say that the equation made by the Turkish textile sector had to be rethought and altered.

But the world continued to revolve and supply and demand switched places in the reverse direction in which the world revolved.

As we said in the beginning, when you read the current state of the Turkish textile sector in numerical language, you will be left speechless. Quality, speed, price; all are premium.

But it has now been realized that this equation is not unparalleled to say the least. The non-problematic agreement between the world textile market and the Turkish textile sector has been breached. The logic of "let it be cheap but ours" overturned markets as the Far East stepped in.

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